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Introduction To Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a no-touch, no-drug energy healing technique which uses Prana or Life Force, leading to good health and happiness. Pranic Healing is a science that uses Laws of Nature which people do not know or are not aware of.

Twin Hearts Meditation

Twin Hearts Meditation is a powerful meditation technique developed by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui. It involves visualizing and blessing the Earth and all sentient beings with love and compassion. The practitioner focuses on the heart and crown chakras, creating a flow of divine energy for inner peace, healing, and spiritual growth.

A Way to spirituality


Physical & Psychological

Pranic Healing provides the science behind energy-based treatment, supported by tons and tons of researches and testimonials around the world.


  • +91 98412 64623


Prosperity & Abundance

In Pranic Healing there are several prosperity workshops that can help us gain the power to materialize our goals and wishes rapidly and properly so we can dedicate more of our time to spiritual practices.

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Arhatic Yoga

Although there are several spiritual workshops available in the school, the base of all of them is the amazing teachings of Arhatic Yoga; and Arhatic Yoga is an amazing workshop carefully designed which is the Synthesis of different yogas.

  • +91 98412 64623
+91 9841264623

# 3A, 2nd street, Parimalam Nagar,
Vinayagapuram, Kolathur, Chennai-99.

(Note: We have recently shifted to a brand new energetic place. Our previous address for your kind reference: No. 13, Venkat Nagar, School Road, Kolathur, Chennai-99. Near Retery Signal).

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