Basic Pranic Healing Course (Two Days Amazing Workshop)

*Key points of workshop : *
✅ What is Aura?
✅ Relation between Energy & Physical Body
✅ How can we see, feel energy & the Aura
✅ How can we identify & diagnose diseases in the energy system.
✅ Functions of 11 major Chakras
✅ How to use prana for healing.
✅ No Touch techniques to Heal patient
✅ Learn how your hands can heal you!
✅ Learn Powerful Twin Heart Meditation to increase your internal power. (Awarded as BEST MEDITATION in 2016. It has a scientific basis on which your efficiency overall will increase and will help you to stay all day active and experience inner peace.)
✅ Law of Karma & Its Golden Rule. (True and deeper understanding to a basic law which almost everyone believes and by proper understanding using that law efficiently in daily life to improve your quality of life.)
✅ Techniques to heal ourselves quickly for – Stress, Tiredness, Fatigue, Laziness, Headache, etc…
✅ Distance Pranic Healing technique. (Healing anyone from anywhere)

And a lot more like to control your mind in stressful situations..
Deeper understanding regarding oneself.
Syncing your brain and body with simple breathing techniques.
Coping with stress on emotional, social, mental, and physical levels.

? Sounds interesting?

Then come and join this International Certified workshop and know more about the hidden ability of your body which is revealed in this workshop.
All these above things are scientifically proven and have a reflection of medical professionals.

WhatsApp or message for Registration: 9841264623

Prior registration is required..
Kickstart your life with better Health, Happiness, and prosperous life.?

Register ASAP for booking your seat.

Date: 28-Aug-2021 and 29-Aug-2021

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