World – A Big Mirror

A long time ago, there was a king who built a beautiful palace which had many curious features. The palace had a magic hall, where all the walls were made out of reflecting mirrors with an extraordinary echo. The mirrors where so clear that every visitor astonished by looking at their own reflections with a clear crystal echo of their own voice.

One day, a dog ran into the magic hall. He was surprised to see the group of dogs surrounding him. Not knowing his own reflections, the dog barked fiercely at them. The mirror reflected the bark, with clear echo. Frightened by his own echoes and reflections, he tossed up at the air to bite them all. His reflection also tossed around trying to bite him back.

In the morning, guards found the dog unconscious. There was nobody else who could have harmed him. The dog fell weak and dizzy fighting at its own reflections.

The world does not bring good or evil on its own. Everything that is happening around us, is a mere reflection of our own thoughts, emotions, desires and actions. All the circumstances that occurs around us is to reflect our own conditions. The world is a big mirror.

What if.. ‘You’..

  • Acknowledge that your world is a big mirror.
  • Thank all your circumstances.
  • Know all the people whom you encounter, is a mere projection of your own self.
  • Be responsible for all your conditions.

What’s Now?.. Know that ‘You’..

  • Always have a choice to either ACT or REACT.
  • Can remain CALM to let all your emotions settle down.
  • Can remain STILL to let all your thoughts settle down.

Choose to be ‘Happy’..

Yes, you are always left with a choice.. Now choose to be happy. Show that deep sense of Happiness, Joy, Peace and Love to the Magical Mirror. Spread those good words and appreciations in the Hall. Let them all multiply exponentially and come back to you many many times. So be it!

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